Memoirs, Analysis and Reflections from a former Member of the Organization

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The recent film “The Coop Wars” which played at the Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Film Festival and on Twin Cities Public Television stirred memories of a conflict almost 50 years old. But despite that distance in time, the documentary can’t resolve the contradictions that the coop movement exposed.

Abuse in the O

Abuse in the O

Written by Grace

Updated:  1/7/2022

All abuse in the O was the result of the O members ceding all power to the O leader The O was not a democratic centralist organization; there was no democracy.  Once power was ceded, the leader was able to abuse it.  The following is a listing of the various forms of abuse and exploitation.  It is not complete.  It raises the question, one that could be asked in any organization – how did any of this advance the O’s political agenda?

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse