This is the 13-minute video: An Arranged Marriage in a Secret Revolutionary Organization

Context of the CO History Project

  • The recent release of "The Coop Wars" documentary by Deacon Warner and Erik Esse has provoked interest and discussion in the Coops and in the broader community about the Coop Wars and about the Coop Organization (CO).  
  • The documentary film presents very little from the perspective of the CO, which is mainly because we were hyper vigilant about "security".  No one had a perspective from which to shape a narrative of the Coop Wars that included the CO's point of view.
  • There has been no completion, or closure, or summary of the CO. It is a mass of unfinished business.  
  • We are all getting older.  The generation who fought the Coop Wars is in its 70s and 80s, and some have already passed from the scene.