FROM: 102

RE: Self-criticism around BC suspension.

Last night I discovered that I have basically been running deceit and misdirection to avoid organizational accountability for my practice as BC HH representative. Specifically, I have been misdirecting my disrespect of NB procedures on BC not adhering to a schedule. But I found out last night when I finally investigated that BC announced a schedule last June of meat orders every 3 months. Moreover, this was on the same notice that laid out the other procedure I violated and another one I almost violated last night until stopped by 206. It is clear that I dumped the notice in the file without paying any attention to it.

 It is also very clear that the problem is internal to me and I have been trying to misdirect, rationalize and make excuses to preserve my inflated commodity value.

My analysis is still that the PC is what I posed last night, but there is no basis for a criticism of BC, that is all misdirection. The PC is personal solution. I value my personal solutions more than organizational methods such as BC and when I can't accomplish a personal solution I become frustrated and subjective.

The effect of my practice has been to put down BC to attempt to preserve my inflated CV. This has materially hindered socialization of HH finances. The following steps would seem to me to be minimal:

1. There should be some material response from other HH members such as boarding.

2. I should be replaced as HH representative although I may be assigned to fill out forms for practice.

3. It is critical to take steps as suggested on Monday to reduce my CV inflation such as practice in areas where I am weak and others are stronger, where I can be conditioned. The accompanying self-criticism will go to BC, and both will be centralized.


TO: PC-000

 FROM: HH Representative of H-002

 RE: Response to H-002 suspension from BC

This is an overdue response to the H-002 suspension from BC because of my disrespect of BC procedures. Between the suspension and now, I have run deceit and misdirection in the HH regarding the ideological basis of my error. I am enclosing a copy of the misdirection as well as an accompanying self-criticism to expose the particularity of the case. The seriousness of it is that I have materially upheld private property over socialized property and materially hindered socialization of organizational finances by casting false charges against BC as well as consistent disrespect of and resistance to connection with BC.

My recommendations are enclosed.

Notes on “Self-criticism around BC suspension”

Refer to the Notes on “4-step on problems in HH”. That memo immediately preceded this one. To recap, H-102, aka Donald, wrote this to the other four members of the Hunt unit, in response to the analysis and criticism I wrote of the way he had been handling arrangements with a food buying club

BC HH representative = Buying Club Household representative

NB = People’s Nutritional Bakery, 918 University Ave, St. Paul, MN. The Hunt unit was located in Chicago. Members of the Hunt unit did the computer programming for NB. I had been the NB computer operator before I was directed to move to Chicago, live in the Hunt HH, get a job as a computer programmer, and start a personal relationship with Ruth, who was part of the Hunt unit.

206 refers to me, Roberta.  My code number was NB206 when I was assigned to NB.

“the PC is what I posed” PC stands for Principal Contradiction, or the main problem.

"boarding" means to be hit with a board across the buttocks by another person.

“preserve my inflated CV” CV stands for Commodity Value. Think “prestige”. Commodity value is distinguished from Use value.  The commodity value of say, coal, is to sell it for money, and the use value of coal is to burn it for heat.

“where I can be conditioned” We were all about setting material conditions for our development.

Notes on “Response to H-002 suspension from BC”

“To: PC-000” I don’t know what person or role this refers to. It may be another way to say P.O.O or CL.

“HH Representative of H-002” Donald refers to himself as the representative of House 2. I was not familiar with the buying club procedures.

This paragraph is dense with the kind of terminology we used in criticisms and self-criticisms. “disrespect of BC procedures.” “I have run deceit and misdirection”. “the ideological basis of my error”.  “I have materially upheld private property over socialized property” “as well as consistent disrespect of and resistance to connection with BC.”  It reads like something right out of Mao Tse-Tung, which  is exactly where we got the language.