To: H-106 & HH of Hunt unit

From: C.L.          

Re: Response to your 4-step on problems in HH

C.L. recognizes your 4-step on problems in HH as expressing the universality of the ITP, as upholding the class stand of ML, and practicing proletarian democracy.

It has been a long time since anyone has asserted proletarian democracy against the established bourgeois identities of peaceful co-existence, the preservation of the law of value.  The preservation of these identities are a reflection of non-ideological growth of the unit at large; otherwise, it will be impossible to preserve backward social relations.  Being a complement of the O, you are the key feature to assure the functionality of proletarianism in the H unit.

Your MOC isn’t fully expressive of your analysis of the HH problem, you should extend the boarding to 100, 103, and 104.  Also, 102’s memos to BC must be invalidated because of the false criticism.

As to the MOS to the HH problems in meeting and maintaining proletarian consciousness, you will be the HH connection to the O.  In fact all HH’s will have a HH connection to the O.  This is a new formation to assure the universalization of proletarian accountability.